Help: Revisions

Though we try our best to perform your piece to your satisfaction the first time around, nuances are sometimes lost in the translation from score to sound. When this happens, you can request revisions to the performance.

To request revisions, simply email us your desired changes.

Rounds of Revisions

You can request one round of revisions at a time per project. Each round of revisions can have an unlimited number of individual changes. Each individual change should specify the instrument, position of the affected notes (in measure and/or note numbers) and the desired modification.

Please keep in mind that well-defined changes are better, such as, “The quarter notes in measures 18 through 24 in the flute line should be more staccato.” It’s difficult for us to fulfill a subjective request such as, “Please make the performance more lyrical.”

We may reject changes that are poorly defined or that we can’t perform. Each individual change in a round of revisions is approved or rejected independently. That is, we will not reject a whole round of revisions just because a few changes in that revision were rejected.

Free First Round

Your first round of revisions is free, and your project will still be at the top of the queue. You’ll need to request your free first round of revisions in a timely fashion, while your project is on the queue and has “Working” status. Once your project is off the queue and marked “Done”, you won’t be able to request a free round of revisions.


Additional rounds of revisions may be charged, depending on the scope of the requested revisions. We’ll provide an exact estimate when you submit revisions for approval.