Help: Account

It’s free to sign up for a Ravel Virtual Studios Clients account, and you’ll need to in order to upload your scores to us, download our performances and pay for projects. When you sign up for an account, you must agree to our Terms of Service for every project.

Click here for an illustrated tutorial for how to sign up.

Account Page

Details: The default account page is the “Details” section. You can click on the “Details” tab at the top of the page to return to this section from other sections.

The “Details” section contains your user ID and personal information. We take your privacy seriously, and will never disclose your information to third-parties.

The “Details” section also has buttons at the bottom of the page for most of the actions you can perform on your account.

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Groups: The “Groups” section has a list of all the groups that you belong to. Groups are used only to help us keep our clients organized; group membership doesn’t have any effect on your projects. Only RVS representatives can change your group memberships.

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Account Actions

Edit personal information
Click on the white “Edit personal information” button at the bottom of the “Details” section page.

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Change password
Click on the white “Change password” button at the bottom of the “Details” section page.

Click here for an illustrated tutorial.

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